Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data set analysis a huge challenge. Everyday large volume of NGS data is being pupulated in the different servers of NCBI, DDBJ & many more! It doesn’t follow conventional data analytics approach & algorithms. However, our experienced bioinformatics specialists can help with virtually any type of data analysis related to NGS.

We have developed workflows and programs to analyse large-scale biological data sets, particularly focused towards NGS.

We understand that various biological analytics and thus we offer a variety of data analysis services. The analysis process may also include - review the results with you and help you to understand the full biological significance of your data.

NGS Data Analysis & Metagenomics

Sequencers generate large volumes of data, and advanced data analysis is needed for further research works. Fortunately, there are analytical softwares take most of the manual work out of the NGS today. Our standard analysis process includes data quality assessment, comprehensive analysis, interpreting results, and communicating and presenting results to the customers in meaningful formats.

We perform High quality mapping, alignment & variant calls, with automated quality control, SNP analysis and metagenomic DNA-based analyses.

ChIP-seq & Microarray

ChIP-Seq is one of the powerful methods for identifying genome-wide DNA binding sites for transcription factors and other proteins. A microarray analysis contains thousands of DNA spots, covering almost every gene in a genome. In modern healthcare, ChIP-seq & Microarray analyses are widely used in developed countries.

We deliver services like Peak detection, Gene-level annotation, Pathways enrichment analysis, Integration & comparison across different ChIP-seq experiments and Microarray data analysis to our customers.

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DNA methylation

DNA methylation plays a significant role in regulating gene expression. Atypical DNA methylation has been implicated in many disease processes including Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, obesity, addiction and cancer in modern medical science.

We provide Coverage statistics, Methylation statistics, Sample correlation, clustering and Multithreading support in methylation analysis.


Computer-aided drug design (CADD) integrates different computational approaches to analyze, discover & develop drugs and similar biologically active molecules. It not only reduces the manpower & cost of the pharmaceutical organizations, but also increases the accuracy of drug designing. At present era, CADD has become a compulsory in-silico approach to develop drugs in pharma-industry.

Our services like AutoDocking, importing SDF files, removing salts & energy minimization, 2D plotting, visualization of the predicted compound structures help our clients to achieve their goal affordably.

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