A trusted IT advisor for business.

We enable our partners to build information framework to leverage core technology for making any solution more affordable and scale-up business boundaries. We are seasoned technocrats behind our innocent facets.

Enable Actionable Intelligence

All business information. Accessible across devices.

Cloud Applications

Escalating Business Boundaries.

Mobile Apps

Realizing Global Village on Palm.

Business Intelligence

Streaming Actionable Information.

Next Generation Sequencing

Advancing Life Science and Transforming Today’s Biology.

Service Oriented Healthcare Information Engines

Empowering healthcare technology developers to leverage our service engines - SECURED, COMPATIBLE, AND ACTIONABLE

Our Services

We have a client-centric engagement model for global operation that combines offsite and on-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations.
We have expertise in working with clients having globally distributed software product engineering team.

Healthcare Systems

We specialize in EHR/EMR, Claim Engine, Reimbursement, OASIS, Clinical Forms, EDI, HL7, CCD, XDS.B, Mirth, HIE, ICD-10, and Data Integration in global outlook.

Cloud Applications

We offer information frameworks to leverage core technology for making any solution more affordable and scale-up business boundaries to cater entire world.

Mobile Apps

To maximize effectiveness of any business, it is vital that business information solutions to be equipped with internet tools on mobile devices.

System Programming

It is vital to be equipped with the technology that enables 360 degree system interfaces to maximize effectiveness of any business.

Business Intelligence

We offer an extensive array of business intelligence solutions to align your business vision with your business processes. We enable decision making offering actionalable information.

Genetic Analytics

Our analytics solution enables genetic researchers to think ahead of competitions by interpreting DNA more precisely and accurately for all critical disorders.




Contacts Directory


A Networked Healthcare Ecosystem
Medical Records Centralization


Keep Smartphone Healthy
Smartphone Resale Value

Thomson Reuters

LBN Adaptor Integrated with
RET-AD System


Columbus - Network Operation
Management Intelligence


Online Forex Profit Caster Review & Bonus


Load Balancing System


GIKS- Loyalty Engine Platform on
Various Interfaces

About Us

We only know one thing "Software Engineering" and do it with passion. We are a growing lean engineering corporation and offer a cost effective range of information technology solutions with incomparable level of customer satisfaction across world-class competencies. We are equipped with new generation internet technologies to build cloud and mobile apps to enable business transactions and information mining across the devices.

What business partners say about us?

Our Capability

MITYUNG is a lean Information Communication Technology Company that offers:

  • Cloud computing solutions.
  • Next generation sequencing.
  • Business intelligence solutions.
  • Full-cycle software engineering services.
  • Business information engines for 360 degrees interfaces.

Healthcare Solutions


Building healthcare information engines to facilitate business growth for healthcare providers in advancing patient care ecosystem.

Also empower medical practitioners thru easy-to-use technology - targeting point-of-care, and decision support.




Incubated Idea – Living Dream and Measuring Globe.

Built Initial Team - Collecting Building Blocks. Hiring on Pace.

Burnt Midnight Oils – Worked Hard to Catch-up the Business Pace.

Shaped Technology Product – Nursing Solutions.

Touched Water – Marketing of Minimal Viable Product.

Fell in Love – Hard Game! It was Tougher Time.

Lost the Game of Dream – Fell Down in Market Swings.

Unlocked Sales Secrets - Fought Back while Bleeding Dry.

Organization shaken-up – Slapped by unexpected Disaster.

Battled with Circumstances – Began Aggressive Business Acquisition.

Rose from Ground – Won the Battle. Started Revenue.

Encountered Eagle Eyes - New Ray of Hope.

Turned Spring on – New Business Avenues Started.

Buddha Smiled – Engaged Some Major Overseas Clients.

Boarded to Bigger Facility – Enlarged Team to Serve the Demand.

Stretched Limit – Never Turned Back. Multiplied Clientele.

Explored New Landscape – Clients in New Geographies.

Lion Roared Again – Nurturing Success to Make it Better.

Strengthened the Backbone - Dragon Started Shaping the Face.

Expanded Further - Sticking Balance & Stretching the Limit.

Stimulated Organization Engine - Rubbing the Stones to Shine.

Kicked-off Seeding the Future – Started Honing the Game.

Elevated Product Portfolio – Defined own Race.

Crossed the Boundaries - Loaded Wields & Shields.

Work in Progress

Building XERUNG, a mobile app that facilitates private directories of communities, classmates, coleauges.
Indus Mark-up language. Clinical Charting Platform. EDI X12 Engine. HL Machine. Information Security Algorithms.
Serving clients in distinct geography. Primarily, United States of America, Great Britain, Canada, Middle East and Australia.


We enable our partners to build information systems to leverage core technology for making any solution more affordable and scale-up business boundaries. Our collaborations further helps in exponential business growth.


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