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Data Analytic Solutions

We help our business partners in extracting actionable information from large, complex collections of data by uncovering hidden insights within data assets.

Healthcare Information Engines

We build healthcare information engines to facilitate business growth for healthcare providers in advancing patient care ecosystem.

System Programming – IoT

Our IoT solutions would help driving process efficiencies and develop new business insights in the advancing digital edge.

Cloud Computing Superhighways

Our expertise in building information superhighway, collaborated with advanced cloud infrastructures helps partners in expanding their business boundaries.


Technical Expertise

Our Forte

We have a client-centric engagement model for global operation that combines offsite and on-site resources with the cost, scale, and quality advantages of off-shore operations. We have expertise in working with clients having globally distributed software product engineering team.

Big Data Solutions

Our supercomputing algorithms and massively parallel data processing system configuration capabilities strengthens our competitive edge.

Clinical System Integration

We simplify information flow amongst caregivers and patients by synchronizing care workflow across the systems being used in care continuum.

Meaningful Use – C-CDA

Our MU implementation helps HITs in facilitating evidence-based decision-making, efficient clinical management and improved outcomes.

In-Memory Analytics

Our real-time microservices architecture and in-memory data manipulation technology capabilities underpin our service advantages over other competitions.

Medical Claim Engineering

Our medical claim engineering expertise supports HITs in building robust & platform agnostic claim management systems to facilitate revenue growth to healthcare players.

System Programing

Our system programing capabilities deals with low-level details of system and streamlines information exchange across interfaces and across devices – includes IoT, data networks.

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