What is HL7 (Health Level 7) and why does Healthcare need it?

When it comes to determining “What is HL7?” It’s very complicated to understand the answers. However, this article from Mityung will help you explain “what is HL7” and why it’s essential in the healthcare sector in the easiest way possible. Healthcare is a fragmented industry, with different providers using different systems and standards. This leads […]

Why use Integrated Practice Management Software?

These days, more and more clinics are turning to Integrated Practice Management Software Solutions.And it’s no surprise! When it comes to running a medical practice, there are so many responsibilities to dealt with.You must provide excellent medical care to your patients while also managing administrative tasks and keeping the business side of things running smoothly.All […]

Picking the Best EHR for Solo Practice

Ehr has been known to allow the store, exchange, and record of patient medical information electronically. Thus, removing the hassle of maintaining & auditing paper-based medical records. Although not all ehr are worthy enough if not properly implemented.  That’s why to clear up the doubts of clouds that have been sticking in your head to […]

Benefits of EHR for Solo Practice

Although the primary reason for keeping the Ehr for solo practice is to ensure optimal patient well-being and care. When it comes time to share patient data with other medical care providers, Ehr ensures that your patient receives the proper attention.  In any case, the significance of ehr records maintenance goes beyond a passing thought. […]

The importance of Healthcare Cybersecurity

If there is one thing that is forever evolving in the health sector, it is Healthcare Cybersecurity. Soon all healthcare providers will require first-rate security as it is critical to the entire healthcare setup in this changing market environment. Coordinating Cybersecurity and patient safety proposals will not only help your organisation protect patient safety and […]

Best Telemedicine Solutions & their unique feature For Your Practice

Hello!! Folks, Medzinc will introduce you to the Best Telemedicine Solutions currently available in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, this blog will help you analyse the features of each software, allowing you to make an informed decision. Over the last decade, there have been significant advances in the healthcare sector. It has progressed from a service […]

Telemedicine in Healthcare: Benefits, and Barriers

For the decade there have been major advances in Telemedicine in healthcare . It has evolved from a service system to a whole new patient-centric system. We now have wearable gadgets, interoperability data exchange networks, electronic health records, and more—all working towards making healthcare effective & easily accessible.  One such advancement that today we would […]

ECR – Electronic Case Reporting

There have been significant changes in healthcare over the last few decades, whether in terms of technology or infrastructure. With the advancement of AI technology, healthcare has seen massive changes in recent years. Therefore, Electronic Case Reporting-eCR is one such significance that is on the rise. eCR has made it easier for healthcare providers to meet reporting […]

Types of Health Information Technology

The advancement of technology has changed the whole scenario of the Healthcare Industry. Moreover, its application is still transforming healthcare. Yes, it is quite safe to say that most of us still aren’t able to recognise its significance.  Yet, with the application of health information technology, there has been a huge impact on the healthcare […]