Conversational AI : An Intelligent way to elevate healthcare?

We are on our way of entering a futuristic world, but there is much more for us to adapt to and overcome. In the healthcare industry, the situation is similar. The use of conventional AI in healthcare is currently limited, yet there is much more to  it. Conventional automation in healthcare has been a boon […]

5 strong reasons why a Hospital Information system (HIS) is essential?

In an increasingly digital healthcare landscape, hospital information systems (HIS) are playing an increasingly important role in supporting healthcare organisations of all types and sizes.  Hospital Information Systems are crucial to efficient and effective hospital management. In today’s fast-paced world, hospitals must adapt to new demands quickly. Hospital Information Systems enable hospitals to streamline operations […]

What is Healthcare Technology?

What is healthcare technology? Is it the machines that help us breathe? The beeping and bopping that keep us alive? The monitors that tell us when our hearts stop beating? No, healthcare technology is so much more!. The machines that help us not die! Healthcare Technology encompasses everything from electronic health records to medical devices […]

Everything you need to know about Healthcare Software

As new technology boosts healthcare industry innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. Healthcare software has become an essential component of providing high-quality care to the public. It has opened doors for medical practitioners to efficiently organise and manage their practices, learn new skills, provide excellent care, and communicate with the leaders and stakeholders of their organisations. Nonetheless, […]

How EMR Integration Solutions Can Improve Healthcare?

Healthcare is always evolving and improving, and one of the latest trends is EMR integration solutions. By integrating EMRs into existing healthcare systems, providers can improve communication, increase efficiency, and make better decisions for their patients.  In addition, EMR integration solutions can help to reduce costs and improve patient care. If you’re looking for ways […]

Tips For Successfully Integrating EMR Systems

Successfully Integrating EMR Systems (Electronic Medical Record) is not simply a matter of plug and play process. Healthcare providers need to understand the rules and compliances governing their usage, as well as incorporate the necessary modules to justify full integration.  Achieving an integrated EMR Systems is a complicated topic. Therefore, you need to consider quality, […]

Top 7 EMR Integration Solutions Provider in USA

An electronic medical record is no longer a replacement for paper records or traditional health records. EMR, like advancements in healthcare technology, has altered the entire landscape of what healthcare used to be. It is more of a real-time health management system with the ability to securely transmit health information. However, as EMR technology advanced, multiple […]

Implementation of EMR integration – A quick guide

EMR integration is not exactly an easy process. The implementation of EMR integration can take weeks if an in experienced person works on it. For those who want to jump ahead of the line, we have compiled quick and basic steps on how to begin the arduous task. This will take you to the initial steps […]

What are key differences between Electronic Health Records and Electronic Medical Records?

When you visit a doctor or hospital for treatment, your records are kept in an EMR or EHR medical software solution. An EMR stands for electronic medical records, while an EHR stands for electronic health records. An EMR is a digital database of your personal health information to streamline the healthcare process. While EHR is […]